Maldives: The Definitive Guide

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’: this proverb holds true more often than not, actually, it probably always does.

Then there’s this other popular phrase which goes a little like this; the only rule without an exception, is that every rule has an exception. Apparently, in this particular case, the former is almost universally untrue while the latter is.

The beauty of the scattered island nation of the Republic of the Maldives, has been witnessed by just about anybody who has laid their eyes upon the exotic chain of small islands. Boasting unrivalled pristine sandy beaches, glorious turquoise waters that never seem to go bland and a populous endowed with all the good manners in the world and a well-bred social behavior, it’s hardly surprising that this small archipelago is famously known as Paradise on Earth.
With a total land area of just below 300, 000 square kilometers, the Maldives is one of the smallest countries in the world.

A minnow in that regard, Maldivians account for just 0.0047% of the entire world population with only 341, 246 people.

Despite this, the Maldives is the 11th most densely populated country in the world and the capital city- and by far the largest city in the country- Male’, is one of the most densely populated cities in the world as well. Dispersed into 26 atolls consisting of 1, 192 coral islands starting from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll (named after the island of Ihavandhoo in the south east of the atoll), to the Addu Atoll (the southernmost atoll in the country), the Maldives is also the country with the lowest natural highest point in the world at just a glaring 2 meters.

The capital city of Male’ is geographically located in the Kaafu Atoll, although it is not considered a part of it and has an elevation of 2.4 meters, which is again, extremely low. Male’ acts as the central economic hub of the entire country where all the important ministries, offices (main branches or head offices) and most other organizations reside in. It should be noted though that, as time goes by, other cities including Addu City, Fuvahmulah (Gnaviyani Atoll), Hulhumale’ City etc are all developing well and each passing year makes the country, even if by a bit, less dependent on the capital.

Most people would think these geographical factors would hinder the economic growth and development of the tropical nation, but believe it or not, being surrounded by water has actually aided the growth of the Maldives massively. Rewind to the ages when the Dravidian people first settled in this country, when Islam wasn’t the main religion and when the language spoken wasn’t Dhivehi. Surrounded by miles upon miles of water on a small tropical island, the countrymen were isolated.

Food was hard to come by and travel was even harder. Fast forward to 2015, and you have a nation that is very much dependent on the seas that surround it. The fishing industry is the largest industry in the country after tourism, for obvious reasons, and the Maldivians have reached a point where they can no longer live without this environment. You will be hard-pressed to come across a dish (that is unique to the country) that doesn’t include any form of fish. Astonishing, isn’t it?
Although the level of dependency on fisheries and the fishing industry remains incredibly high, the largest economic industry in the country, as aforementioned, is the tourism industry. Tourism plays the most vital role in earning foreign exchange, and it is also quite important in generating employment in the tertiary sector with somewhere between 25, 000 and 40, 000 employees. The total number of resorts in the country is 105 and is expected to exceed that number in the near future.

With only about 190 inhabited islands in the country, the number of resorts just goes to show how big the industry is in the country. Each year brings in close to a million tourists: more than three times the entire population of the country.
Again, the geographical factors that were previously thought to be obstacles play an indispensable role in tourism as well. Anyone who has ever actually thought about it will understand why it just so happens to be like this. Why is it that the Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world? Why? What sets it apart from the rest of the places? The answer is very simple; it’s literally the archipelago of the Maldives.

The geographical set up of this nation is so unique and idiosyncratic that it makes Maldives peerless when it comes to attracting tourists. The beaches, the weather, the underwater scenery and the immaculate water are things people who live in urban metropolitan areas have never ever seen before. Contrary to the oily, muddy and unclean waters you will find in the industrialized cities of the world, the seas surrounding the Maldives are crystal clear and so clean, that it makes the country one of the highest rated recreational diving destinations for tourists around the world.
Visiting the Maldives will definitely be a very aesthetically pleasing adventure on its own due to the picturesque sights you’re bound to come across, but let’s not forget the Maldivians themselves who are bound to make your stay even more pleasant.

From the moment you step in to the airport, till the moment you leave, every single Maldivian you meet will definitely greet you with a smile. That is just how we, the Maldivians are. It is embedded in our culture to be polite and welcoming to any and all guests we have. From afar, the political turmoil in the country and the constant ‘unrest’ among civilians caused by decisions taken by the many political figures in the country might make it look like the Maldives won’t be as peaceful as it is made out to be.
Yet, that is far from the truth. Sure, there are a couple rallies every now and then, but never has anybody’s life been in danger. Unlike some other countries where politics have actually put people’s lives at risk, we can assure you that you won’t see anything like that in this country. This is because us Maldivians, we believe that there is a limit to how far we’re allowed to go with the political banners and labels.

We’ve drawn invisible lines that should never be crossed and everyone is most definitely grateful that so far, these lines haven’t been crossed. No matter how politically divided our people maybe, there will always be a sense of unity among the Maldivians when it comes to issues that relate to the well-being of the country and economy as a whole. This peace and harmony you will find here can mostly be accredited to the fact that the Maldives is a 100% Muslim country.
As much as I have been able to cover in this article, I’d be lying if I said that’s all there is to this beautiful country. It’s impossible to paint the perfect picture including all the intricate details of this country in one 1000 word article. So I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a perfect idea of what exactly it’s like here, to experience the Maldives and every little thing about it by visiting this country. Don’t believe me when I tell you that the Maldives is Paradise on Earth, visit us here and live it.

Maldives Resorts: The Complete List (2018)

Maldives is famous for its resorts. There are more than 100 Maldives Resorts.

This is the most thorough guide to Maldives best Resorts. We have included all the best resorts in the Maldives.

Adaaran Club Rannalhi

Adaaran Club Rannalhi has a rating of four stars and is a five hectare island with 96 standard rooms and 34 water bungalows. The rooms portray class and are facilitated by modern amenities such as a mini bar, telephone with IDD facility, satellite television and in-room safe. The deluxe bungalows consist of a private sundeck affording a view of the remarkable aquamarine ocean. Other recreation facilities include table tennis, beach volley, beach football, excursions, shopping arcade and deep sea fishing.

Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi

Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi has a rating of four stars set in 83 acres of tropical beach near Kani Beach on Lhohifushi Island. This Maldives resort is located 25.7 km away from the airport. The 165 air conditioned villas are facilitated with modern amenities. The 37 ocean villas manifest sophistication and luxury. The air-conditioned villas are equipped with contemporary amenities and a private sun deck. The recreational facilities include table tennis, beach volley, football, kiddie’s pool, tennis, gymnasium and badminton.

Adaaran Select Meedhupparu ( Meedhupparu )

Adaaran Select Meedhupparu (Meedhupparu) is among the finest 4 star resorts in Maldives. Located at a distance of 130 km from the airport, Meedhupparu spreads over 43 acres and is the only Maldives  resort in Raa Atoll. The air conditioned villas are commodious with wooden interiors and offer an impressive range of sheer comfort and amenities such as a private mini bar, satellite television, telephone with IDD facility and an in-room safe. Meedhupparu is rightfully proud of its incentive facilities and services which include table tennis, beach volleyball, beach football, swimming pool, tennis, gym, sauna, steam room, saloon, excursions, shopping arcade, wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, jet ski .. etc Meedhupparu offers blissful accommodation and creates a warm setting which lets the guests to luxuriate and experience an incomparable holiday in the tropics.

Adaaran Select Vadoo ( Vaadoo )

Adaaran Select Vadoo (Vaadoo) is one of the smallest Maldives resorts located at a distance of 8km from the airport. However, it is recognized by the travelers as one of the most elegant yet casual resorts. Awarded as the World’s Leading Villa retreat at the World Travel Awards in 2012, Adaaran Select Vadoo is a luxurious Maldives island resort that stands out among the best. It offers 50 water villas complete with a butler that will action your every whim. For newlyweds looking for the perfect getaway, the exclusive honeymoon villas offer exclusive retreats complimented by premier services, amenities and benefits to make the honeymoon a bit more memorable. Recreational facilities and services include Beach Volley, Swimming pool, excursions, souvenir, snorkeling, scuba diving, spa, entertainment, laundry and gym.

Alimatha Aquatic Resort ( Alimatha )

Alimatha aquatic resort is located on the eastern reef of the Felidhe Atoll, 40 miles north of the Male’ International Airport. It is a picturesque resort known for its crystal clear waters and serene environment with more than 1km of white beaches and aquamarine lagoons. The resort has 102 luxurious and moderately priced beach bungalows that are raised on exquisite white sandy beaches and come with a spacious bathroom, air condition, safe box, mini bar and hair dryer. The resort also facilitates its guests with laundry service, gift shop and spa. Other recreational activities include badminton, volleyball, snorkeling, wind surfing, kayaking, fishing, banana riding, catamaran sailing, and sunset cruise. etc

Anantara Dhigu Resort and Spa Maldives ( Dhigufinolhu )

Anantara Dhigu Resort and Spa Maldives is a five star resort in the South Male’ Atoll which is located at a distance of 21 km from the airport. The resort comprises of some of the most spacious luxury villas with picturesque and soothing views of the endless Indian Ocean. The 110 beach villas and over water suite are constructed in such a way that it is possible to take a plunge in the gentle waters of turquoise lagoon directly from the villas. Anantara Dhigu’s evocative location is occupied by its own island set in a tranquil lagoon. The luxurious and flawless accommodations of the resort are facilitated with hot and cold water, hair dryers, Mini bar, IDD telephone and satellite TV. The resort caters its guests with swimming pool, sauna, spa, internet and recreational facilities which include scuba diving, wind surfing, catamaran sailing, parasailing, canoeing, water skiing, water boarding, banana riding, jet skiing etc

Anantara Kihavah Villas

Anantara Kihavah is among the exquisite and popular five star resorts of the Maldives. Located in Baa atoll and on the door step of Hanifaru bay at a distance of 133 km from the Male’ International airport. It is the ideal place to explore the magnificence that that underwater worlds of the India Ocean holds. 79 commodious private pool villas are either poised over the water with sweeping ocean views or nestled along a pristine stretch of private beach. The key features of the resort include, six dining and entertainment options, award-winning underwater restaurant and wine cellar, fitness center, tennis court, volleyball, badminton, chess, billiards, resort bicycles, swimming pool, resident medical doctor, dive center, children’s sports and over water anantara spa. The breathtaking elegance on the country can be viewed with this resort.

Anantara Veli Resort and Spa

Anantara Veli resort and spa has a five star rating and is located in Kaafu south atoll at a distance of 21 km from the airport. The report comprises of 25 over water bungalows, 11 superior over water bungalows, 14 deluxe over water bungalows, 7 ocean pool bungalows and 10 deluxe over water pool bungalows. It is perfectly suited to couples or groups of friends looking for a relaxing island hideaway. The perfect romantic getaway is provided for couples, whether or not on a honeymoon or another special occasion with a host. Children and families are welcome to stay in the sister resort, Ananatara dhigu resort which is minutes away where activities and facilities suitable for kids are provided. The rooms of the resort are facilitated with swimming pool, sauna, spa and internet. Other facilities include scuba spice Spoons – Anantara Cooking School, diving and surfing, deep sea and hand line fishing, fitness center, Tennis court, Volleyball, badminton, Chess and Petangu, swimming, morning meditation and Yoga classes and a resident Medical Doctor

Angaga Island Resort and Spa

Angaga Island Resort is located in the centre of South Ari Atoll at a distance of 85km from the airport. The Island is surrounded by white powdery, sandy beach and crystal clear water lagoon and house reef which is best for snorkelling and Diving. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. At Angaga Island Resort and Spa, the excellent service and superior facilities make for an unforgettable stay. The hotel offers access to a vast array of services, including 24-hour front desk, express check-in/check-out, luggage storage, Wi-Fi in public areas, room service. Angaga Island Resort and Spa is home to 90 bedrooms. All are tastefully furnished and many even provide such comforts as air conditioning, mini bar, balcony/terrace, television, satellite/cable TV.

Angsana Resorts and Spa, Ifuru

Occupying the island of Ifuru in the North Malé Atoll, Angsana Maldives Ifuru is located at a distance of 19 km from the airport. Surrounded by one of the best-preserved coral reefs in Maldives, the luxurious Angsana Ifuru provides beachfront villas with private timber patios on Ifuru Island. It offers guided snorkeling safaris, Maldivian cooking classes and a 5-Star PADI dive center. Guests can relax with soothing massages and aromatherapies at the award-winning Angsana Spa or enjoy a walk on the white sandy beach. Angsana’s 45 villas face the shimmering ocean and have direct access to the beach. The recreational facilities include diving, snorkelling and water sports. Saunter down warm coasts of sand and discover the sky, sea and world at your feet at this resort.

Angsana Resorts and Spa, Velavaru

This extraordinary Maldives resort is located on the island of Velavaru or Turtle Island as the local Maldivians, located just north of the Equator. Great thought and consideration for our environment has gone into the design and construction of Velavaru resort. The stunning beach villas are only a couple of steps on the pristine coral sands to the amazing azure waters of the lagoon. Two on-land restaurants and beachfront bar will cater to all culinary needs and desires of the guest, be it a romantic beach barbeque for two, an amazing Lobster dinner or a stunning international buffet. Verandah with sun loungers, private plunge pool, complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access, 32″ LCD TV and CD player IDD telephone are some of the leisure facilities that are available in the villas. Other amenities include Separate living area, air-conditioning, coffee and tea making facilities, electronic safe and wooden outdoor deck.

Asdu Sun Island

At a distance of 32 km North of the airport, a lush tropical paradise in North Male’ Atoll, Asdu is famous for its live house reef. On this very small island there are just 30 rooms and a single reception, bar and restaurant building. All the rooms, which have recently been refurnished, are just a few metres from the lagoon and all are similarly simple. They are slightly higher and larger than most rooms, so enabling the slatted windows and latticed space below the roof to keep the sun out but let any breeze through. It is a practical and stylish design using local wood, coir rope and screw-pine matting. Unfortunately from the outside they are not attractive, as the rooms have corrugated sheet roofs. Asdu continues to live its own life, independent of the fashionable changes that all the other resorts undergo.

Ayada Maldives (Maguddhuvaa)

Ayada Maldives resort (Maguddhuvaa) is located in Gaafu Atoll at a distance of 432 km from the airport. The resort consists of 112 rooms; commodious 50 water villas and 62 seafront villas which are elegantly designed, stylishly furnished for comfort and provides maximum privacy. Some of the availability type of rooms include bungalows, water bungalows, suites, and A/C Rooms. All the rooms are facilitated with amenities such as hot and cold water, hair dryer, mini bar, Idd telephone and satellite TV. Other recreational facilities like Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Badminton, Tennis, Beach Volley, Excursion.. Etc are also available. Ayada Maldives is a resort with natural beauty at its heart where you can truly discover the exceptional.

Athuruga Island Resort

Athuruga Island Resort is a four star resort located in South Ari Atoll at a distance of 46 km from the airport. The serene atmosphere and unspoiled beauty let the guests appreciate pure nature under the shades of the tropical palms that line the beach bungalows. The exclusive water villas are surrounded by shallow turquoise lagoon while the rest of the resort is decked with wood to further enhance the extra touch of nature. This resort is suitable for families and couples looking for a romantic getaway. The 71 rooms in the resort are facilitated with modern amenities and are elegantly furnished to let the guests experience an incomparable holiday in the tropics. Some of the recreational facilities include private beach, spa and water sports. The management provides its clients with24-hour front desk, airport transfer, bar, business center, coffee shop, concierge, dry cleaning, library, lockers, room service, safety deposit boxes etc

Bandos Island Resort and Spa

Bandos Island Resort and Spa is a well-known island among the most well-established and biggest resorts in the country and has a rating of four stars. Located in the southern section of North Male’ Atoll at a distance of 8 km from the airport, Bandos has excellent beaches and the guests can easily access its sister island Kuda Bandos easily by boat. The island’s location makes this area perfect for diving with over 40 extraordinary dive sites available. The accommodation comes in many varieties from standard type to water villa, each equipped with a range of standard amenities. Additionally, guests can enjoy a multitude of activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, parasailing and water boarding. For a truly unique and memorable experience, Bandos Island Resort and Spa is the place to be.

Vilamendhoo Beach Resort and Spa

Boasting white sandy beaches and deep turquoise waters surrounding its gorgeous vegetation, it’s barely surprising to find that 8 out of every 10 guests who visit this four-star piece of land go diving. 154 rooms are divided into 3 different classes of rooms, ranging from normal to superior, with the latter aim at those guests who want top notch quality rooms. Each room is inclusive of the latest modern amenities and facilities that are capable of impressing absolutely anybody. Vilamendhoo also offers a number of recreational sports and activities ranging from windsurfing, diving, snorkelling and even the trademark Boduberu (live music) that is embedded in the culture and tradition of the Maldives.

Vilrueef Beach and Spa

This 4 star exclusive spa resort located just a 35 minute flight away from the capital, offering luxurious Beach and Water Villas, and endowed with lush green vegetation and surrounded by white sandy beaches, is ideal for a romantic, relaxing holiday. Offering 60+ rooms of 5 different sizes and in different areas of the island, each room is designed to make sure no guest has to go back home feeling like they just got out of a 3rd world island. Not at all, each room has all the modern and contemporary facilities you could expect from a 4 star resort including some magnificent Jacuzzis and balconies offering guests some breath-taking views.

W Retreat and Spa Maldives

Located 72.4km from the airport, this beautiful five star resort is ideal for almost everyone as you have 5 kinds of rooms with a total of 101 rooms with each room more than capable of fulfilling all your needs. Its upscale and modern design makes it one of the most popular destinations for tourists who visit the Maldives. The air conditioned rooms are housed with contemporary amenities and the resort boasts a horde of recreational activities you can indulge yourself in throughout your stay at W Retreat.

Zitahli Resorts and Spa

Zitahli Resorts and Spa has a rating of five stars and was opened in August 2008 with 50 villas ranging from and not limited to villas on the water to ones on land with attached pools. The rooms portray class and are facilitated all kinds of TVs, mini bars, espresso machines, outdoor showers, personalized bars etc. Recreational activities for guests include kite surfing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing and a lot more. The way in which the rooms were designed ensures that all the guests receive utmost privacy and peace, giving guests a very relaxing yet enjoying time.

Veligandu Island Resort

A short 15 minute flight, that will on its own be very scenic, will take you to one of the purest, authentically ‘Maldivian’ resort, bar none. From the simplistic designs of the dishes and the restaurants, right down to the design of the mesmerizing rooms, everything is simply as Maldivian as it gets. With 73 rooms ranging from beautiful Jacuzzi beach villas to elegant water bungalows, Veligandu has it all. As the name suggests, Veligandu (Dhivehi; Sandbank), has a huge 80 meter sandbank on one end of the island. A peaceful place with all the modern amenities you can expect from a 4 star resort and with various recreational activities to make your stay at the resort even more memorable, Veligandu has to be on the to be on the top of your bucket list for the summer.

Velidhu Island Resort

Recreational activities which include Dolphin Safaris, Manta Safaris, full and half day island hopping, deep sea fishing and night fishing makes 3 star Velidhu, and ideal destination for anyone looking to have a truly fun and unique experience. Just 80 kilometers from the capital city and built on 19 acres land covered by glorious sand and vegetation, Velidhu Island resort boasts a 100 bungalows of various kinds including 20 over water bungalows with some very scenic views.

Velassaru Maldives

Only 12 kilometers away from the airport, a 25 minute speed boat ride will take you to this 5 star island resort which is one of the most popular resorts in the country. Narrow paths full of twists and turns will take you to your private bungalow, which has all the modern facilities and amenities that you would need to spend your time at Velassaru as luxuriously as possible. Past these bungalows, the weaving tree-lined paths will also lead you to the classily set up reception area and the restaurants, and the sports complexes and recreational areas that are just waiting to be utilized for various excursions and all the possible activities and sports that can be played.

Thulhagiri Island Resort

Thulhagiri is a 5 star resort that provides a very local feeling with palm thatched roofs and interiors with a contemporary style and modern amenities such as air conditioning etc. In addition to the palm thatched roofs, the beds are made of bamboo and so are the chairs and a lot of other furniture which makes Thulhagiri a very unique and extravagant travel destination for tourists. Offering a range of excursions and recreational activities, Thulhagiri provides guests a very well balances and enjoyable stay.

Thudufushi Island Resort

This 5 star island features elegant beach bungalows and luxurious over water villas. A wellness center offers ayurvedic treatments and a diving centre caters to the underwater experience of our guests. The Diamonds Thudufushi resort is a luxury paradise situated just a 20 minute scenic seaplane flight away from Hulhulé International Airport. With 60+ bungalows of all kings, and an array of sporting and recreational activities guests can participate in, Thudufushi is ideal for just about anyone to visit during the holidays.

The Haven Maldives

As a special 5 star resort within a resort, The Haven at Paradise Island Resort & Spa literally rises out of the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean. Sitting right above the water on a series of stilts, this Maldives luxury resort consists of 62 exquisite water bungalows and is the ideal honeymoon retreat or romantic getaway. The Haven consists of 40 Water Villas, 16 Haven Villas with Jacuzzi, 4 Haven suites and 2 Ocean Suites with private swimming pools, kitchens and in-room dining among many other contemporary and modern amenities that you will find in this resort. Add to this 4 amazing dining spots and 5 extravagant bars and this becomes a packaged deal. Be sure not to miss out!

The Beach House at Manafaru

5 star Manafaru is a 30-minute boat ride from the beautiful snorkelling sites. It takes at least 70 minutes via sea plane to get to the resort from Male, which is about 320.3 km away. Surrounded by unspoiled and immaculate white sandy beaches, spread over 35 acres, this work of art has spacious and air conditioned villas with the most modern and contemporary amenities you could find. Guests can lounge at the beach, or enjoy water sports such as diving, snorkelling and fishing. A fitness centre and flood-lit tennis courts are available for those who would like to exercise. Thus, making this resort ideal for anyone looking for a memorable holiday.

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

A luxurious 5 star beach vacation awaits, just a 25 minute journey by speedboat from Male’ International Airport, at Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru’s exclusive villas and private pools. It has free Wi-Fi and pampering spa services. With about 50 rooms Banyan Tree is renowned for the incredible service provided by the well trained and expert staff of the resort. All the rooms include the latest modern amenities and facilities and this beautiful island surrounded by pristine sand and the blue waters of the Indian Ocean has tonnes of recreational activities and sports for guests to enjoy and make their trip more memorable.

Baros Maldives

This five star resort is a small coral island in the Indian Ocean ringed by a n immaculate sandy beach and a living house-reef, just 35 kilometers from the Male’ International Airport. It is an award-winning boutique resort renowned for its blissful atmosphere and passionate, respectful staff who seem to care so much about the guests. As a small leading Maldives luxury hotel resort, Baros offers a choice of tastefully-designed Beach and Water Villas. With Beach Villas of classic elegance, set in lush vegetation, and secluded Water Villas, many with private pools, Baros Maldives is one of the most romantic resorts in the Maldive Islands, the perfect honeymoon getaway. With upto 70 rooms we can guarantee you that we have always got room for more. Inspired by Maldivian traditions of heartfelt hospitality, Baros Maldives is a tropical island dream come true, with fine cuisine, a garden Spa, a gym, an overwater swimming pool and individualized excursions and underwater experiences.

Biyadhoo Island Resort

Located in the South Kaafu Atoll of the Maldives and just 29 kilometres away from the airport, 3 star Biyadhoo offers charming beachfront accommodations and a variety of water sports. The simple yet quality 96 rooms feature classic wood furnishings and provide incredible views of the blue waters of the India Ocean and beyond. These rooms also come with modern amenities including and not limited to ACs, safe tea\coffee making machines etc. Guests have the option of enjoying their afternoons windsurfing, snorkelling, just simply relaxing by the water or astoundingly, spending time at the library.

Chaaya Island Dhonveli

Formerly Tari Village, 4 star Chaaya is a resort with 90 rooms of about 8 types including water bungalows and garden bungalows. Chaaya is located 13 kilometers away from the airport and it won’t take even 20 minutes to go from the airport to the island on a speedboat. The rooms are designed to make guests feel as comfortable as possible but at the same time, the furnishing and interior design gives it an authentic Maldivian feeling. Blessed with exotic tropical beauty, there are many activities you can engage in even outside your bungalows. The resort is world famous for its incredible surfing packages among other things. So be sure to surf if you ever visit Chaaya Island Dhonveli!

Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa

Located in one of the longest stretches of reefs in the Maldives with a conceptually unique design, Hakuraa Club is the first resort that was built in this region, a whopping 130 kilometers from the the capital city of Male’ and thus it takes, unsurprisingly, about 40 minutes to travel on a sea plane. With 3 stars to its name and 80 rooms with all the contemporary amenities you would require on a daily basis, the resort is ideal for just about anyone looking to spend their holidays in a luxurious manner in peace. There are many recreational and sporting activities guests can partake in at the resort including the usual windsurfing, football, beach volleyball, snoerkelling etc. There are even a couple wedding, honeymoon packages which provide a little extra for the couples.

Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo

Located roughly 42 kilometers from the airport, this 4 star resort sits on an island with a total land area of some 50,000 square feet full of lush green vegetation that would absolutely awe just about anybody. Ellaidhoo has 112 rooms of 4 different types for all classes and ages. Each room is designed beautifully and has all the modern amenities you would require on a daily basis and is very spacious and comfortable. The staffs are extremely friendly and the island is ideal for families looking for a fun and enjoyable time during their holidays. Recreational and sporting activities include fishing, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing etc.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is a 5 star resort island located about a 100 kilometers from the airport featuring 98 delightful thatched villas; with contemporary amenities, either dotted among palm trees offering peaceful tranquillity or on stilts over the lagoon, with spectacular views of the ocean and nearby desert islands. The resort features exciting international restaurants with providing 5 star quality dining and cuisines from all over the world. Add to this some exhilarating water sports and other recreational activities and sports that you can partake in, and you have a full package.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Luxurious stays await in tropical-style villas located by the crystal-clear waters of this 5 star private island paradise. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island features 5 dining options and 5-star spa and fitness facilities. Opening out to stunning views of the ocean or surrounding greenery, air-conditioned villas are fitted with fine wood and cane furnishings. They feature private terraces with outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi. For leisure, head into the sparkling waters for a range of water sports including canoeing and diving. Alternatively, indulge with soothing massages at the spa. Staff can arrange intimate in-villa dining experiences. Conrad Maldives is one of the nearest resorts to the capital, being only 19 kilometers away from the airport, you can get there in about half an hour on a seaplane.

Constance Halaveli Resort and Spa.

Floating in the North Ari atoll and Constance Halaveli is a remarkable place where water and sand lie in contrast to the euphoric green foliage. .Constance is a luxurious hideaway, intimate and which lets its guests to choose from one of the 57 Water Villas, 10 Beach Villas, 10 Family Beach Villas, 8 Double Story Beach Villas or the lavish Presidential Beach Villa. The guests can stroll down white sandy beaches and swim in turquoise water teeming with colorful marine life while children can unleash their spirit of adventure at the Constance Kids Club. For ultimate comfort, all villas come with high raftered ceiling, their own private plunge pool and furnished terrace.

Taj Exotica and Spa

At a distance of 8 kilometres from the airport, in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in the whole country, sits this 5 star chunk of absolute beauty. Taj is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed resort islands in the whole world, not just the country. Paints quite the picture regarding the quality of service and amenities you can hope to expect at this otherworldly resort, doesn’t it? With white sandy beaches and exuberant, green vegetation scattered throughout the island, only a handful of resorts can even compete with the magnificent Taj. Offering 65 rooms of 6 different classes and categories, with each room providing all the modern amenities and facilities one would require, Taj is the resort for you if you’re looking for a luxurious, classy resort to enjoy your holidays at.

Sun Island Resort and Spa

Few things in life are worth waiting for, and waiting 35 minutes to go from the airport to 5 star Sun Island on a sea plane tops that list. Why, you ask? With 426 rooms/villas of 4 classes, each villa featuring the most modern amenities and facilities with its own balcony providing a picturesque view of the greenery on the island and the beguiling turquoise waters surrounding the lagoon, 9 different dining options to choose from as well as a number of recreational and sporting activities guests can partake in, the question you should be asking yourself is, why not?